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Hypershift is committed to delivering the most comprehensive SaaS and software solutions to our clients. That's why we've partnered with leading SaaS providers to offer complete integration and the fastest time-to-value for client deployments.

We understand the challenges of selecting, acquiring, and managing software from multiple companies. That's why the experts at Hypershift will help your purchasing agents and IT personnel navigate the process with ease. We offer a single source for selecting and acquiring software from hundreds of companies, simplifying the process and saving you time and money.

Our approach is to curate a portfolio of SaaS and software solutions using a multi-point vetting process. This process is designed to reduce risk and ensure that you get the best possible solutions for your specific needs. With our approach, you can realize much faster time-to-value, enabling you to focus on what really matters: growing your business.

Market Position

We evaluate SaaS vendors for their market position. Is the company a game-changer or industry titan? Game changers can be worth making a bet on if the benefit outweighs the risk of the company’s newness to the market. Industry titans are usually safe bets, in that the company likely will continue to invest in their product.

Capabilities Analysis

What capabilities does the vendor/package have? Do they integrate with 3rd parties easily? Do they support common standards such as SAML, open data formats, and common APIs.

Financial Review

Is the company well funded and cashflow positive? Is the company at risk of failure due to lack of revenue?

Support Model

Does the company offer premium, telephone based support or is support performed through chat and email only? What hours are support personnel ready.

Data Protection

How does the company protect your data? What is the organization's data protection strategy? Do they provide appropriate safeguards for ensuring PII is not released or compromised? What is the organization's high-availability strategy?

User Enablement

What’s the user training process? Are materials readily available from the company? What formats are available? Web or video? Is there a user community?

Contract Review

Does the company’s standard MSA or EULA comply with common rules regarding liability and indemnity? Are there remedies for failing to meet an SLA?

Migration and Implementation

Is the migration or implementation of the service simple to perform? Can the organization migrate in phases or all at once?


Does the company release updates in a scheduled, communicated fashion, or are updates released ad-hoc? Are updates optional or backwards compatible?

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