Looking to save money on your office365 subscription?

Looking to save money on
your office365 subscription?

In these unprecedented times, we’re finding that saving money on essential services is becoming more important than ever. To help you with that, Hypershift has been helping clients optimize and reduce their spend on Office 365 renewals and upgrades.

Some ways our O365 assessment can help:

Pro Software & Tools

Our licensed tools can determine if you are using the appropriate version of The Office365 suite.

Determine Entitlements

We can determine actual usage versus license entitlements.

Price Incentives

We can often provide a better price per seat than your incumbent, due to volume discounts.

For a limited time, we are offering a complimentary Amazon Echo Flex to every IT Admin, Manager or Purchasing Agent that signs up for a brief assessment & competitive price evaluation. The process takes approximately one-hour and more than 65% of our assessment result in cost savings.